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The Governors Are Funding Political Violence

Usman Baba, the Inspector General of Police, has charged several state governors of funding political thugs to attack their opponents in order to provoke violence.

At a meeting with the leaders of political parties on Thursday at the Force’s headquarters in Abuja, Baba leveled the charge.


According to the IGP, governors equip political thugs, reorient them, and push them to employ intimidation, violence, and other illegal tactics to thwart other political parties.


He continued by saying that the governors encourage political thugs and subnational security organizations under their command to disrupt opposition party or candidate gatherings.


Baba also charged them with violating the terms of the Electoral Act 2022 by blocking the installation of competitors’ campaign billboards and denying opponents’ political campaigns access to certain areas.


Therefore, he committed to take strong, legal action against those who spread hate speech, encourage violence, organize thugs, and engage in other breaches.


He stated:


Political violence might appear in one of three ways. First, there is the recent violence in the states of Ogun and Osun that targets employees and property of the Independent National Electoral Commission.


The second kind of political violence takes the form of violence and intolerance between parties, which often peaks during the campaign, election, and post-election periods.


Since the formal start of the campaigns for the 2023 general election on September 28, 2022, there have been at least 52 incidences of this politically driven intra- and inter-party violence documented throughout 22 states.


The last kind of political violence is related to the actions of certain state governors who often cause political conflict by displaying political intolerance. Regarding this, there have been allegations of certain state governors encouraging political thugs and subnational security organizations under their command to obstruct the smooth and legally required campaigning of parties or candidates with whom they disagree politically.


“In doing so, they use their influence and authority to either block the installation of campaign billboards or to have them removed, while also limiting the right to free speech.

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