Soludo denies obtaining $28 million to extort Peter Obi.

Prof. Charles Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, has denied the charge that he amassed $28 million to threaten Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

After the Thanksgiving liturgy held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in honor of Most Rev. Paulinus C. Ezeokafor’s 70th birthday, Soludo made this remark while dealing with reporters in Awka.


“I should be tremendously rich right now if I had really gotten $28 million to threaten my brother, Peter Obi,” he said.


“For those fabricating blackmail and everything else, even the one they said I received a bribe to say what I said, I urged them to produce it so I can utilize it to build roads for the people of Anambra. If Soludo were a big briber, I would be worth many trillions of dollars by now.


“Today is an extremely unique day. It was Obi and I’s first time meeting in a public setting and at the Catholic Church that the two of us attend when we entered the service. I consider it to be wonderful.


Individuals stared in confusion as if it were a play and questioned if it wasn’t the same people arguing when I hurriedly walked to where he was sitting and embraced him, the man said.


When asked about his diatribe against Obi, Soludo only said that it was political and added that he had spoken to Obi just last night around twice.


The governor of Anambra said that politics had not infiltrated their sibling bond.


There is no personal separation between Obi and myself, he said. Nobody stole the wives from one another. We seem to be at odds over basic political disagreements. not another.


“We will meet in the coming weeks to discuss our fundamental differences. We’ve agreed to talk and resolve our issues,” he continued.

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