Nigeria Risks Losing Her Giant Of Africa Title As Senegal Commission Speed Train

Over the years, Nigeria prides her shoulders high as the most populous black nation earth with over 150 million people living in the country.


Corruption and mismanagement of resources have made Nigeria relegated behind the scene while other countries like Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa etc are gradually taking over with Senegal leading the race.

Nigeria is still struggling to construct a standard gauge system for speed trains with the latest linking the capital city Abuja to the Northern commercial city of Kaduna.


On Monday 21st January 2019, Senegal launched its speed train project which links the major cities in the country, with 14 stations ready for the trains. The train boasts of a maximum speed of about 160 kilometres per hour with 115,000 people expected to use it on daily basis. The project lasted for just 3 years(2017 – 2019).

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