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77-Year-Old Man Released From Prison Deemed Too Old To Be Dangerous, Kills Again

The man, Albert Flick who’s from Maine, United States of America has been jailed again after he recently committed a murder which was identical to his first-ever. His first-ever murder was when he killed his wife in front of their young child. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the crime, he was released in 2004 but went back to prison in 2010 after assaulting a woman. He was imprisoned for four years before the judge released him stating he was “too old to be a threat”.

The name of his latest victim is Kimberly Dobbie who’s 48 years old. Albert Flick developed affection for Kimberly Dobbie just after he got out of prison, but he couldn’t get her, so instead, he made a vow to himself that “if he can’t have her, he’ll kill her”.

Prior to the murder, Albert Flick followed the woman and her children around town for days, he kept surveillance on them while waiting for his perfect opportunity to come. 2 Days before he committed the murder, he bought 2 knives.

Kimberly Dobbie was on the stairs of a laundromat when she was accosted and murdered by Albert Flick just in front of her sons. A CCTV video footage showed Albert Flick stabbing Kimberly Dobbie 11 times.

Albert Flick was intercepted by a witness just after he stabbed Kimberly Dobbie, but it was already late as the knife pierced her heart and lung, and she died from ‘blood loss’.

While being prosecuted in the courtroom, Albert Flick pleaded ‘not guilty’ by way of insanity plea, but he later withdrew it.

His sentencing is to be due in August, but it’s not certain how long he’ll be in prison, but what’s sure is that he’ll be spending the rest of his life in prison now; let’s say before he dies.

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