Health, Skin, Hair & Cooking Benefits Of Our Unrefined Sea Salt


1. Reduces fluid retention


Some people think that salty food causes you to bloat or retain water, and yes, this happens once you consume white salt and refined salt utilized in processed foods. I remember the times i might awaken feeling groggy and bloated after a late night pizza binge with friends.


However, with real sea salt, the other happens due to its balanced ratio of minerals, especially potassium and sodium, which help release retained water. Eating real food and salting your own food with sea salt will help eliminate bloat and water retention.


2. an excellent source of minerals


Did you recognize that high-quality sea salt has 84 trace minerals that nourish and strengthen our body? We wont to be ready to get enough minerals from the food we eat. However, with monocropping and improper farming methods, our soil has been depleted of those essential minerals and doesn’t provide the nutrients to our food love it wont to .


However, we will supplement with sea salt and replenish our bodies with these easily absorbable minerals. I even put a pinch of sea salt in my water every day for that extra nutrient profile!


3. Keeps you hydrated


Contrary to popular belief, sea salt is extremely beneficial keep us hydrated. the quantity of nutrients in sea salt also satisfies our thirst for a extended period of your time and keeps us holding on to the fluids for extended .


Table salt, on the opposite hand, dehydrates us and truly leeches essential minerals from the body. It also makes us crave it more (I wont to be a salt addict!) because our bodies is in need of nutrients that it wants in natural sea salt that can’t be satisfied by processed salt .


4. Balances electrolytes


Because of its amazing mineral content, sea salt may be a great source of electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. These electrolytes are vital for muscle, brain and heart health, due to its critical role within the systema nervosum . rather than the standard sugar-filled electrolyte drinks you’ll find at the supermarket, try adding sea salt to water with a squeeze of juice .


5. Prevents muscle cramps


When your electrolytes are low, you’ll experience muscle soreness, cramps, charley horse, and even restless leg syndrome. the shortage of minerals keeps the muscles from relaxing and cause contractions that are out of your control. this is often why epsom salt baths are recommended for any kind for muscle fatigue. The magnesium in epsom salt plays an enormous role in loosening and calming the muscles and your entire body.


If you recognize you’ll be doing a strenuous activity, confirm to feature sea salt to your water before and after to replenish your body with the minerals that it loses during the exercise.



6. Great for skin health


Because of its potent mineral content, sea salt has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for skin health. There are many beauty products that use sea salt, because it’s the facility to detoxify the skin, while exfoliating, increasing circulation, and providing the skin with nutrients. Sea salt has been shown to be especially beneficial for acne, psoriasis, eczema, and anti-aging.


7. Improves digestion


Sea salt is important within the role of digestion, and it starts within the mouth. The salivary amylase, an enzyme which helps break down carbohydrates within the saliva, is activated by the flavour of salt.


Also, salt plays an enormous role within the making of acid , which is secreted within the stomach for the breakdown of food, especially protein.



Among their numerous demanding functions, our adrenal glands release hormones that regulate sodium and potassium within the body. So so as to form this particular job easier, the adrenals need a balance of those minerals through top quality sea salt. this is often especially important once they are already tired from the strain we put through them everyday.


9. Regulates vital sign


Yes, top quality sea salt is greatly beneficial for regulating vital sign . the increase in vital sign is that the results of inflammation within the body, which is primarily caused by a high sugar, processed food diet, which also includes white salt that’s barren of most nutrients.


Real sea salt actually reduces inflammation by bringing within the necessary minerals that the body uses to spice up its immunity. By providing the body with enough water and potassium, it actually helps prevent heart condition and improve cardiovascular health.

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