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These 11 Tips Will Help You Get Pregnant

If you’re battling with any type infertility issues or struggling to get pregnant, you must check this out.


It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s, late 30’s or late 40’s, these tips will help you get pregnant naturally in two months.


1. Get a preconception check-up

2. Plan for a healthy pregnancy

3. Stop birth control measures ahead of time

4. Know and track your fertile days

5. Have sex before you ovulate

6. Know the best time for sex

7. Stop worrying about orgasms

8. Don’t add lubricant to your vagina

9. Give the sperm a boost

10. Prepare for pregnancy test

11. Didn’t get pregnant this month?

Usually, most couples won’t get pregnant in the first month of trying.

It might take you six months to one year of actively trying to get pregnant.

There are usually many factors responsible for this.

It is possible that you miscalculated your most fertile days of your cycle.

But, if you’re younger than 35, this is the time to talk to a fertility specialist.

If you’re older than 35, and you are yet to get pregnant after six months of trying, you should talk to a fertility specialist, as these may be fertility problems.

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