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Terrible Effects Of Jealousy To Your Relationship

Terrible Effects Of Jealousy To Your Relationship 3 NaijaNoWell

Jealousy is one big problem dragging it out with many relationship or marriage that if not properly checked it will wreck the union beyond recognition.


In this post I will discuss 5 of those effects of jealousy on your relationship.


1. Making new friends becomes hard:


Weather you like it or not, at a time or the other we meet new people, and they might even be part of those that will be responsible when it comes to reaching that milestone we see to be impossible to attain.


When your spouse knows you are the type that changes mood anyhow at the sight of an opposite sex it will be difficult to make new friends of opposite sex as it might not go well with you.


A jealous spouse will always be afraid of the friends of same gender as they will be thinking those friends might corrupt you, because of this you just lose the vibe for more frienship while you trim the current ones just to make him feel secured to an extent


2. Talking about opposite sex must be with caution:


You know your spouse flares up unnecessarily when it comes to you and other opposite sex, hence, you tend to avoid issues for those who hate trouble, you tend to be cautious of the way you talk with and about the opposite sex to your spouse or else the EOD becomes disastrous a jealous spouse is capable to destroy anything.


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3. Freedom to expression will be limited:


When you know your spouse cannot hold him/herself when it comes to your relationship with opposite sex you will be very careful about your expressions and you will not be free to talk about everything that happens as when you talk about the good gestures of any opposite sex towards you or yours towards any opposite sex it becomes serious issue that might take longer than expected time to settle.


4. It makes your BP rise unnecessarily :


The issue with jealousy is that it makes the person guilty of it to feel that the relationship or union is not secured.


They feel that every opposite sex of their spouse are their biggest rival, therefore, they are always at alert so that nothing will meet them unaware.


They want to know more than they should know at a time without waiting for their spouse to display that loyalty by telling them by themselve, by this they are calling for heart attack indirectly and will indirectly affect you if anything goes wrong at the end of the day.


5. It is capable of making you lose all suddenly:


All the list will be incomplete without mentioning this.


Jealousy can make you lose your source of livelihood, your Spouse’s life and make yours miserable.


This is because jealousy doesn’t give you the chance to listen to explanations, it controls your behaviour, it makes you think you are always right not knowing what you think is right is completely wrong.


Jealousy makes you over react which is most times not good for your relationship.


We are at one time or the order jealous, we should just learn to control it so that it will not make us regret actions we have already taken as most actions in this case are deadly and irreversible.


This is my opinion, kindly add your contributions as it is important to me.

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