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60 Wacky Love Quotes For Valentine Day

60 Wacky Love Quotes For Valentine Day 3 NaijaNoWell

60 Wacky Love Quotes for Valentine Day



This month is regarded as the month of love; many people express love in various ways this period. Some buy gifts why others just sit out with their partners and have a nice time out. No matter the strategy adopted, words are essential in making the feelings more realistic and appreciated.


Some people find it difficult to pick the right choice of words to express their feelings towards their partners. Well, if you’re searching for the right words to use this valentine period to let your partner know how you feel towards him or her, or how dear he or she is to you, don’t worry. Here’s a list of top 50 wacky love expressions compiled by a group of young Nigerians who feel that there are wacky ways to express affection towards a partner.



1. You are the only fufu in my cooler

2. You are the only meat in my soup

3. You are the only grass in my garden

4. You are the only roundabout in my pepper soup

5. You are the only pure water in my fridge

6. You are in only soap in my bathroom

7. You are the only underwear in my wardrobe

8. You are the only ogogoro in my bottle

9. You are the only kerosine in my stove

10. Anytime you’re sick, I will take your drugs for you

11. You are the stretch marks on my body

12. You are my monthly period

13. Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you, I only see you

14. I love you like cannibals love human flesh

15. My love for you burns stronger than urinary tract infection

16. I will always love the sound of your fart

17. You are the blood that runs through my veins

18. You are the D-Jay that makes my heart beat go kpokpodikpokpo

19. You are that purging feeling that messes up my whole day and makes me happy

20. You are like my indomie spice to me, without you no taste all in my life

21. You are the ukulele in my melody

22. You are the only detergent that washes away my sadness

23. If I’m a shark in the sea and you fall inside I’ll also love you

24. You are the only cancer I will never want to cure.

25. You are the bone of my skeleton

26. You are the meat in my soup

27. You the rat in my room I’ll never disturb

28. You are the snake in my jungle

29. You are the blood in my veins

30. You are the hot pot of jollof in my kitchen

31. You are the pepper in my pepper soup

32. You are the only mosquito in my net

33. You are the syrup on my pancakes

34. You are the icing on my cake

35. You are the chocolate on my ice cream

36. You are the sweet grapes in my wine

37. You are the Ham in my burger

38. You are the chicken to my chips

39. You are the spark to my fire

40. You are the laces to my sneakers

41. You are the bread to my butter

42. You are Amala to my ewedu

43. You are goatmeat to my pepper soup

44. You are cord to my charger head

45. Let me be your Keke for life, just ride me anytime

46. You are bolè to my groundnut

47. You are pillow to my bed

48. You are the toothpaste to my toothbrush

49. You are Sardine to my bread

50. You are the Egg to my indomie

51. I’m ready to live in a zoo for your love

52. I don’t mind being the Okada you can ride forever

53. You are the kuli kuli to my garri 54. You are the own-goal I desire

55. You are the mosquito I’ll want to bite me always

56. If you are a goal post, I’ll only score when you tell me to

57. You are the blades of my industrial fan

58. You are the police cell I always feel like relaxing in

59. Let me be the horn in your car

60. I’m ready to live in Afghanistan just to win your heart


Let us know your favorite quotes on the list.


Feel free to add yours to the list if it is wacky.

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