Of You And Examination Malpractice

As espoused by a popular maxim, education makes people easy to lead but difficult to enslave. This assertion no doubt situates education in the preview of societal development. Hence, there is no gain reiterating the truism that qualitative education is fulcrum around which every developmental drive and effort revolves. It propelled the advancement of America, buoyed the quick recovery of Europe from the concomitant quagmire of the Second World War and is presently energising the leapfrogging Asian nations, otherwise known as the Asian Tigers.

In African, there has been occasion where we have beaten our chest and recounted our glories and achievements made possible by innate hardwork, intellectual resourcefulness and inordinate penchant for pendatism and inquisitiveness. One of such occasions was in the era of nationalist struggle and the explanative proclivities of the colonial over lords.

Today, with the proliferate skewed eagerness and vaulting for primitive acquisition for wealth, academic pursuit is breakneckly being laboured by primordial auto centric desires. Consequently, scholarship is rapidly metamorphosing into a legitimized veneer for this is the orgy of exam malpractice, which has continued to lay its icy hands on our education.

In Nigeria, for instance, failure is no more seen as a condiment which gives success its flavour since everybody wants to pass. Even the ill prepared students wants to make it by fair or foul means. As a result, they indulge in various forms of malpractice such as copying on tables, chairs, thighs, handkerchiefs, pieces of papers (microchips), use of textbooks, handouts and relevant printed materials during exams, unauthorized use of calculators and in recent times, the use of cell phones (GSM) to perpetuate malpractice in examination.

Albert derogatory and worrisome, the most annoying shade of this social I’ll in our educational sector is the witting involvement of school authorities, relatives and even parents in the facetious objectification of this evil in our polity.

To be reckoned with and revered as the most academically successful school, principals, proprietors and teachers in our primary and secondary schools have cast caution to the wind and indulged in shades of the malpractice. Apart from procuring the services of mercenaries for their students, they equally in some occasions buy invigilators over.

Unlike the school whose reason for encouraging examination malpractice is largely economical, relatives and parents encourage this I’ll in order to boost their ego in their immediate environment regardless of At Paul’s warning in his second letter to the Thessalonians (II Thess. 3:30).

Apart from contravening biblical injunction of rule and morality, this poses a worn cog on the wheels of our social-educational advancement. To wit it has bedeviled all levels of educational institution, endangered the emergence of hordes half baked even unbaked graduates roaming the streets of our country. No doubt, the multiplier effect of this is being felt throughout the country. Thus, issues of advance free fraud, armed robbery, assassination, kidnaping, corruption, prostitution, etc. still predominates for which it is expected of government at all levels to spearhead the speedy reconstruction of our moral values and reordering of our priorities in order to nip this vermin in the bud. A stitch in time a universal axiom says saves nine. (Culled from Model Heritage: A Magazine of Model Comprehensive Secondary School Isuofia, Vol. 1, March, 2004)

By Benjamin Obioha


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