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5 Ways To Search For Jobs After Graduation

Life after graduation is sometimes very challenging. Some undergraduates are victims of the belief that “life is a bed of rose”.Only to graduate and have their expectation shattered.


Oh! Don’t be sad, welcome to the real world where graduates are increasing in Geometric progression while job opportunities increase at Arithmetic progression.


Not that there are not jobs out there, but the competition is very high. This is why we have come up with 5 strategic ways to search for jobs after graduation.


If you are consistent with using the methods discussed in this article, you will get a good job in no time. But you need to have a positive mindset first.


over 70 percent of job seekers out there, don’t understand how the Labor market works. How do you intend to get a good job, when you don’t even understand the Labor Market?


The act of job-hunting is a skill every graduate should master. Once you master this skill, you will be changing jobs like no man’s business.


I have seen people who did Master programs immediately after graduation, they are still unemployed. While first degree holders are progressing steadily in their career of choice.


In this article, you will learn how to search for jobs after graduation. Remember, Unemployment is Real. But you can still get a job in the competitive Labor Market.


5 Ways To Search For Jobs After Graduation


Sign Up With A Recruitment Agency


Signing up with a recruitment agency is a reliable strategy to search for jobs. As a matter of fact, I got my first job through a recruitment agency. Ever since then, I have been progressing steadily in my career.


Recruitment agencies act like middle men in the labor market. They connect graduates searching for jobs with employers looking for staff.


Most recruitment agencies will register your credentials on their data base, lookout for any role that suits your skills and send your CV to the company for an interview.


Once you are successful during the interview with the company, you will get the job. It is as easy as that.





LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that allows job seeker to search for job, showcase their skills, academic history as well as experience to potential employees.


The website has a section where companies advertise jobs. You can actually apply for any of the jobs there. Also, if you have a professional profile, companies may contact you for an interview based on your skills.


Online Search


Online search is one of the easiest ways to search for jobs after graduation. Google search makes this easy.


You can just type the role you are looking for. To get a better result, you can narrow the search to a location. For instance, you can type “Business Development jobs in Lagos”.


Talk To Your Mentor


If you have a mentor or career adviser, don’t fail to tell him/her that you are looking for job.


Who knows? They may know one or two persons who can help. The truth is, you need to try different options when searching for jobs.


Reach Out To Your Connections


There are two types of currency in the Labor Market – Your Skills/Experience, and your connections.


If are exceptionally skillful with years of experience, your chances of getting a job is high. But the odds always favour people with connections.


Depending on who is referring you, you may not even attend any interview before you get a job.


That unemployment rate is high doesn’t mean that there are no jobs out there. But you have to be more strategic in your job search as the job market is competitive.

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