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3 Reasons Why Taking Advice From The Rich Might Be Dangerous

Unfortunately, not everyone who gets advice and knowledge from books and motivations get rich. They probably took the advice without putting the below 3 facts to mind. If many could be conscious of these 3 facts below , they would’ve been accurately guided well.


How to avoid such misconception is the main reason why you may at least skim through this, at least if not read (which I recommend). Because mentorship is very required for a rapid success in anything you do. And you don’t want to take advice anyhow(to avoid wrong movement).


Motivation won’t majorly solve your problem. It can even add to our depression. For instance, when you seem to be doing some of the things highlighted by advice, and they didn’t solve your problems.


Getting out of your debt, increasingly establishing yourself as a brand, solving problems with your resources should be your outcomes of their advice.

But few percent of listeners and readers acquire success because they probably never considered these 3 key facts.


When you are conscious of these, you’d easily correctly administer how you download the inflow of information from books and speeches.


Table of Content

1 Most Rich Easily Go Extreme in Encouraging

2 The Rich May Not be an expert in Your Field

3 Things Don’t Work as of Before Anymore. Protocols Change. The advice might be Old-fashioned (Even When True)

3.1 Conclusion




Most Rich Easily Go Extreme in Encouraging


Put yourself in the rich’s shoes. Remember they most likely were poor before. Let’s imagine you were poor for a long period and you suddenly leap into success, you’d forget most of your times of hardships.


That alone, would gladden you the rich to let your listeners believe success is possible, without loyally balancing with the tough times, which you would likely dissolved bit by bit.


To prioritize this, you’d need to pester, question and force out the underlying difficulties you’d face in the course of attaining the aims the rich motivates you about.



The Rich May Not be an expert in Your Field


That a man is wealthy shouldn’t be a landmark to qualify him to advice you. Well, he may be invited, you might even pay him to consult you. But remember that if you major your section into export trade, a billionaire who is seasoned in import cannot fit to advice you rightly.

Let’s not assume he can rightly inspire you because he’s already rich, in the world of business.



For you to sink into your faculty any rich man’s advice, kindly make sure he is expert in that area. Do not assume that he could be the best at handling your area, just because he’s rich. It might even be a beginner in your area of business or niche that would scale you through.



It’s not bad thing for a general rich man/woman to advice you, but you would be missing out on correct actions. The Rich would never want to feel low in front of you. So, he’ll try his best means to fix out points of assumptions which most likely will fail you.


For instance, consistency is a key to success right? When a rich man who succeeded by Social Media Marketing advises you as a Content marketer(blogger) that consistency is the key to success.


You would be convinced, but, you’ve just missed it. True. consistency is a key, but you are only consistent for nothing these days without rich SEO in the online world.

The rich is also a human being like you who can be great for you only at his specific field of study.


Things Don’t Work as of Before Anymore. Protocols Change. The advice might be Old-fashioned (Even When True)



You have to update and get into the game yourself because what worked for him then, due to change might never work for you. In fact, you might be the new inventor of change. It’s cool to sink in advice. But be sure they are latest factors that count.


For instance, if you are a content marketer, a retired expert who just employs and pays SEO experts and never stresses himself doing SEO research will give you a bad idea. The SEO employees are the best people to advice you, in this case.



They understand and discover what’s in vogue. Even if they inform the retired expert what’s going on, you wouldn’t be richly consulted as if the real experienced expert advises you. Because he has the latest strategies going on.





Thus, because a man is rich doesn’t really qualify him to be the appropriate person to advice you. Pretty much, it’s not bad for a rich man to advice you.


But before you apply his principles, you have to make sure he’s richly a guru in that specific area. Importantly also, this rich must have the major latest experience about your business, ideas or aims.


Ensure to dig out what problems and how they faced these major problems they faced before attaining that status, because they might have forgotten most. Money is mad. It makes you forget many challenges in your old pasts.


It’s not until a rich man gives you an advice before you believe them and start making money right away. Few times, a guru who isn’t even wealthy and you know is seasoned in your area, is best. Than a billionaire who would encourage you that your stones can still be cooked to soft.

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