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10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media

10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media 9 NaijaNoWell

10 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media




1. Screenshots of Personal Conversations

10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media 10 NaijaNoWell


The word itself says “private,” so why the hell would you like to share it on Social Media? If you do so, you might get good numbers of appreciations (Likes) for once.


However, no one will value you, or would rather not share anything personal with you as they will have the feeling that you might share that conversation too.




2. Open Invites

Who wants to go to a movie with me? Just avoid posting such open invites on your social profiles. How can your stranger friend who lives hundreds of miles away, join you?


They can’t and, therefore, it is illogical to post such invites.


Moreover, it might make them sad after knowing that they can’t join in!




3. Your Home Address & Phone Numbers

Just avoid sharing your home address and personal phone number, unless your social profile is a very narrow one with few trustworthy people.


If your profile is exactly the opposite and contains unknown people, refrain putting this at any cost.


However, if a site requires this, you can always change the setting from Public/Friends to Only Me for security.


4. Your Financial Status

Whether you are a millionaire or middle class, just don’t share your financial status with your online friends. You know what? No one is interested in your Platinum Credit Card, The Amount of Money in your bank or your new car that costs $100K. Of course, they do matter, but only for people trying to run after your money.




4. What you had/will have for lunch

No one gives a shit about what are you/will you be eating for lunch. Lunch is for eating, not for taking pictures just to share it on Social Media.


This tip is specifically directed towards girls as they are more obsessed with sharing photos on Instagram.




5. Explicit content

10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media 11 NaijaNoWell

Never share such content even when you are out of your mind. The internet is huge, and things get heated up pretty quickly. Your content might get posted on the wrong site even before you realize your mistake.


The content shared on the internet never gets deleted. You might remove it from your social profile.


However, you don’t know how many sites would have already captured and preserved it.


Moreover, you might get caught into lawsuits if it contained anything that’s not permitted by the local law. So, be aware and be safe.


6. False or Untrue Statements about someone

You should never use social media as a tool for revenge. The social media is pretty one sided and will take up your side at first. However, you are committing the greatest sin by doing so. You are hurting someone else with the help of social media.


These days, there is a trend going on of *committing suicide* with the depressed guys. They are so depressed or soft-hearted that they can’t get along with things after something wrong happens to them. So, you never know if the guy/girl you shame on Social Media takes some extreme steps tomorrow.


You will not only feel guilty for the whole life but might also be charged under the law, for it. You don’t want to end up in the wrong place, right?


No matter how long you are trying to fool people, one day they will all come to know the truth. That will be probably the worst day in your life as everyone you know will be shaming you in your face. Enough said!




7. Precise Location

You are making it easier for stalkers to follow you. Just turn off your GPS when you don’t need it. As far as I know, you don’t want it nine out of ten times. Moreover, running GPS in the background takes a grave toll on your phone’s battery. If you are out, you would want your battery to last longer, so switch it off.

8. Confessions

Confessions should be made to the one who is related to it, not for the general public who has got nothing to do with it and does not even have a hint of what’s going on.


So next time, before posting your confession to the public on Social Sites, just make that confession in private first.


Hope that’s easy for you!


9. Your Countless Selfies

Unless you look super HOT, you are just annoying your friends and followers on Social Sites with your selfies.


No one wants to see the same old face, again and again, maybe some of them would have already unfriended/blocked you.


If you’re doing so, stop it now before it turns into an annoying habit.




10. Your Wishes for Someone who is not in your friend list.

10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media 12 NaijaNoWell

Your mom is not in your friend list so why to share Mother’s day wishes on your profile? That fact is, you don’t even wish her in reality.


Same goes with random birthday wishes. Wish people directly, not by means through which they won’t even know.

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