‘Lost Beauties’: The Incredible Cars That Time Forgot (Pics)

From the ‘Electric Egg’ to the Bugatti that spent 75 years at the bottom of a lake: Fascinating photo book reveals the incredible cars that time forgot


Lost Beauties – 50 Cars That Time Forgot, published by teNeues, features stunning photographs by Michel Zumbrunn and mesmerising facts and anecdotes by classic car expert Axel E. Catton.


The book’s subject matter includes incredible cars such as the 1942 Electric Egg, the stunning Lamborghini Raptor Zagato and a 1925 Bugatti that spent 75 years at the bottom of a lake in Italy.


Renowned car designer Andrea Zagato says in the introduction: ‘This is a unique and rare book that celebrates automotive design from a different and much more subjective view. It reminds us of models from different eras that perhaps weren’t liked by everyone, but it looks at them from a contemporary perspective.


‘Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, and people loved them because they all have meaning and purpose.’

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