Trump Accuses Pfizer, Others of Working Against His Re-Election Which He “Won”

The US President, Donald Trump has accused leading drugmaker, Pfizer and “bigpharma” of running millions of dollars of negative ads against him, as well as delaying on delivering the vaccines in time before the elections which he eventually “won” .


It was reported earlier this month (after the US election) that leading biopharmaceutical Company, Pfizer and BioNTech had rolled out a Vaccine which early data show to be 90% effective against COVID-19.


Moderna followed suit with early projection showing a 94.5% effective rate against COVID-19.


President Donald Trump returned to the White House briefing room for the first time since the elections – and once again claimed he ‘won’ despite trialing Joe Biden by millions of votes, as he attacked a pharmaceutical giant of conspiring to defeat him.


He also attacked Pfizer and ‘Big Pharma’ – although he misstated the name of the the company that announced a big vaccine breakthrough after the election .


‘Big pharma ran millions of dollars of negative advertisements against me during the campaign – which I won, by the way, but you know, we’ll find that out. Almost 74 million votes,’ Trump said.

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