Thailand: Football Fan Electrocuted By His Phone As He Watched A Match On Phone

Football fan is ‘electrocuted by his phone’ as he watched a match on his handset in bed with the charger plugged in


*Somchai Singkhorn, 40, was watching football on his handset in bed on Tuesday

*Police in Samut Prakan, Thailand suspect that Somchai was then electrocuted

*Laotian roommate Saeng thought his friend was just ill when he first found him

*Police said Somchai may have died differently after finding beer in his room


A chef who liked to stay up late watching football on his phone is believed to have died after being electrocuted by the handset.


Somchai Singkhorn, 40, was last seen on Tuesday night laying on his mattress with a can of beer, watching TV on his phone with his headphones plugged in.


Police Colonel Warawach Thammasarot said: ‘The deceased was laid on the mattress with his phone and earphone[s] on him but we also found beer and fizzy drinks near him.


‘From the initial checks, we suspected that he was electrocuted but we need to check everything and wait for his postmortem examination results before we confirm the exact cause of death.’

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