Hunters Butcher 23 Whales And Turn The Sea Red With Blood In The Faroe Islands

A group of hunters have butchered 23 pilot whales as part of a centuries-old tradition off the coast of the Faroe Islands.


The hunt, known locally as a ‘grind,’ takes place to feed the inhabitants of the remote Atlantic archipelago during winter.


Environmental charity, Sea Shepherd, documented the killing on Friday in the bay of Hvalvik, a village on the island of Streymoy.


Despite calls for the hunt to end, the Faroese insist that it is sustainable and regulated by law.


In September 2018, Sea Shepherd even offered the islanders one million Euros for 10 consecutive years with no whale hunts.


The charity said it is the 10th whale hunt on the islands this year, with 536 pilot whales slaughtered in total.

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