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Avoid These Sexual Pleasures In 2019

Actually, God has our best interests at heart always – since He’s a Loving Father and Creator. Anything He asked us to do is really for our own good. When God asked us to avoid sexual immoralities, it is simply to avoid seeing us getting hurt and ruined by it poison


Sexual immoralities are sexual pleasures God did not want us to embrace, because they are contrary to His Will and are toxic to us. God wants us to enjoy sexual pleasures quite all right – that’s why He ensured the existence of sex in the first place, and gave us sexual hormones and urges. However, there is a particular manner God wants sex to be enjoyed (which is His Will for sex). Any other means are rightly tagged ‘sexual immoralities’ and are with severe consequences (both spiritual and physical)


There are various means to enjoy sexual pleasures today, but what God wants is that: All forms of sexual pleasures should be enjoyed only between a married husband (a male) and his wife (a female) in the safe circle of their marriage institution, with no other party involved


So, that means the pleasures people gets from the following sexual activities are wrong and deadly:


1. Premarital Sex: Also called “fornication”, is sex between unmarried persons. Unfortunately, the devil has made many young ones believed that it is impossible to tame their sexual urges until they get married. Truthfully, it is very much possible to control your sexual desires and keep yourself pure till marriage by avoiding all illicit sexual activities. Some of us are living testimonies. We are still virgins, with healthy urges, and we are doing fine (healthy, productive in various spheres and happy)


If you will be wise enough to honour God with your body by avoiding sex till marriage, God will give you the needed strength to achieve this. On your part, always avoid anyone that can make you fornicate; and avoid places where you can be lured into premarital sex


Premarital sex might seem pleasurable at the immediate spot, but it effects are too bitter. The repercussions of premarital sex are too heavy. The 5-minute pleasure derived from premarital sex is not worth it fatal consequences.


Think about sexual viruses that can terminate your life. Think about the ‘unwanted pregnancy’ that can destroy your great dreams. I read recently of a young man who was forced to commit suicide when the repercussions of indulging in illicit sexual activities came knocking. He thought he was enjoying himself when he was having sex with various ladies. But they tagged him a rapist after some time. And the young man, with his bright future, was humiliated into committing suicide. That is it! There is no two ways about it. Premarital sex will always bring bitterness – either immediate or in the future. God wants you to avoid premarital sex for your own good.


2. Extramarital Sex: Also called ‘Adultery’, is sex with someone other than your own spouse. Unfortunately today, the devil has made many people believe it is impossible to stick with having sex with their own spouse all the days of their lives. He (satan) tries to discourage people with statements like: “can you eat the same food every time?” Don’t get fooled! It is possible to enjoy sex with only your spouse till you die (there are a lot of witnesses).


We enjoy food as we add varieties. You can add varieties to your sex life in your marriage. Don’t get fooled, please. It’s all about the mind. The same pleasure your spouse’s body will offer you, is the same pleasure you will get from someone else’. So, don’t allow the devil ruin your beautiful home and marriage with extramarital sex.


When you have sex with someone other than your spouse, you open the door for demonic attacks. You hurt and betray the trust of your spouse, and you ruin the beautiful union both of you are meant to have.


“He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.” Proverbs 6:32


3. Masturbation: This simply involves playing with one’s sexual organs for sexual pleasures. You see, one of the basic things that determines if something is right or not is the effects it brings. Masturbation has unpleasant effects, and so, it’s bad. Many had injured their sexual organs while masturbating, while some masturbators can no longer enjoy a normal sex life with another person.


Masturbation makes you feel dirty and empty, and it reduces your self esteem (which hinders your effective productivity). In the spiritual realm, you attract demons to your body while masturbating – it is always deadly.


Avoid masturbation – it will destroy you, and it will destroy your chance of maintaining a relationship with God (because God is Holy). Instead, occupy yourself with positive activities and you won’t have the time, or fall for the urge to masturbate.


4. Pornography: Pornography is simply deriving sexual pleasure from seeing others having sex. In 2019, you must avoid watching/reading pornographic contents. Also, if you are someone in the porn business (you indulge in porn acting or selling), God wants you to stop right now (for your own good).


You see, sex is meant to be an honorable act, and so, shouldn’t be for public consumption. We aren’t animals, and shouldn’t do like wild animals. If you get addicted to porn, you will find yourself in trouble and you will find yourself to blame. If you are currently battling with porn addiction, humbly call on the name of Jesus and He will help you.


5. Homosexuality: This is sex between persons of same gender. It is abnormal and an abomination. No one is created that way! Nature itself frowns at and condemns the act. Break free from wrong thoughts like “I was created that way”. Don’t allow such turn you into a monster. The normal and healthy routine is to be with a member of the opposite gender. That is how it was meant to be – to complement each other.


So, in 2019, I’m confidently telling you that those who indulges in sexual immoralities will definitely put themselves into trouble.



“Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” 1 Corinthians 6: 18-19

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